Products and Services

In terms of floral work, we offer a vast array of services.
We work on the basic assumption that the customer plays the starring role in our business.
His or her wishes are our starting point, and the customer’s satisfaction must always be the first matter of importance. Whoever the customer is and wherever he or she might be.

product photography services

product photography services

A few examples of what we can do for you :

Shows and demonstrations
Seminars, workshops and classes
Styling for shops and wholesale companies
Store makeovers
Designing showrooms
Designing and producing floral projects
Product photography services
Judging (including for professional diplomas and “Proeve van Meesterschap,” Dutch floral designer master’s exam)
Articles (trade journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.)
Creating floral pieces at your own floral shop or on location


For a custom assignment, please feel free to contact us any time.