Johan Huisman

Johan Huisman was born on the 8th of March 1962. At an early age, he demonstrated his creative talent, always wanting to work “with his hands.” After completing grammar school he completed a Child- and Youth Care study program, a program which provided a great deal of room for creativity. Unfortunately, the Social Educational Program that he did after that was too theoretical for his tastes and was therefore not a success. So it was a blessing in disguise when, as a result of family circumstances, he had the opportunity to take over a florist’s shop in 1980. A mere 18 years of age, without diplomas or experience, he decided nonetheless to embark on this challenge. He received private schooling in the evenings from Wout den Daas in Zaandam where he was able to lay an excellent foundation for his further career. Although the beginning was difficult, he learnt a great deal – as the saying goes, you live and learn.

In 1985 he took part in the Teleflora Dutch National Flower Arranging Championships and to his own great surprise, he won first prize. After this victory, he went on to participate in the Teleflora Floral Arrangement World Championships in New Zealand that same year. And he won first prize there as well, earning the title of Teleflora World Champion Flower Arranger. By winning this championship, he had earned international fame and was asked to create flower arrangements both within Holland as well as abroad. Johan has also worked for Bloemenbureau Holland since 1988, promoting the Dutch flower industry all over the world. His activities for this organization vary and include bridal shows, demonstrations, trends presentations and workshops.

Johan does not have any particular preference for a specific style of flower arranging. He does however have preferences when it comes to flowers, plants and the seasons. Johan enjoys working with natural materials which correspond to each season, and also demonstrates a preference for warmer colours. And keeping up with the trends is obviously both a necessity and a challenge.

Symona Postma

Johan receives secretarial and administrative support from Symona. Although her roots are in education, she also worked as an executive secretary for 9 years. In 1992 she became the co-owner of the florist shop, allowing Johan more time and freedom to focus on his arranging activities both within Holland and abroad. After terminating his involvement with the shop in 2003, she remained Johan’s right hand and is responsible for invoicing, bookkeeping, correspondence, scheduling, typing and many other activities. When and where necessary, she accompanies him on his trips to provide him with assistance.