Easter show at Kippenburg country estate

Objects made from plants were used to decorate the Kippenburg country estate. The building decorated in 19th century style was adorned with flowers and floral objects created by Johan Huisman’s team.
Already radiating a certain ambiance before the event, the atmosphere specific to each room was intensified even further thanks to the floral designs befitting of each room. An atmosphere varying in theme, such as the tavern, the kitchen, the baroque, the splendor, the butterfly, the bird, the forest and the mystery room, was created in each room.
Interesting floral designs and natural decorations were to be found not only in but also around the estate. Even the stream “De Luts” served as a good basis for a surprising decorative element.

Extras dressed in clothing typical to that period and the presence of two antique carriages (ca. 1890) which could be used to take visitors on a tour of the forest completed the picture.

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