Johan Huisman was responsible for the design and production of the final indoor exhibition at the Floriade (a spectacular horticultural exhibition held once every 10 years in the Netherlands).
While the leaves outside were falling from the trees, Johan was hard at work with his team in the 2500-square-metre Floriade hall on the final flower exposition as well as the final plant exposition entitled “Autumn Colours”
Both exhibits were designed around the theme of an old Frisian harbor with a touch of autumn. The emphasis was on the old Frisian sailing industry; for this reason various boats and a multitude of brown sails formed the decor for this exhibition. There was even a 100-year-old mini-“skutsje” (typical Frisian flat-bottomed sailing vessel) in the exhibit.
During the opening ceremonies, the exhibit was livened up even further by a fishwives’ choir and a shanty choir.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that with a grade of 9.4, the cut flower exhibition was awarded the GOLD prize for its applicability and/or utility for florists as well as consumers.

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