Floral Theatre Show

Musical, dance performances, music and light in combination with an incredible quantity of flowers resulted in an evening of breathtaking theatre.
The audience was treated to scenes from various musicals. A different atmosphere was created for each musical resulting in a different approach in terms of flowers and decorations.
As a result, different worlds were created with a great diversity musicals such as Cats, Elisabeth, Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, Oliver, Grease, Joe and Hair were featured.
Johan Huisman and his team provided the scenery, costumes, props, decorations, music and dance and completed the entire production with flower arrangements as a finishing touch.

The team worked a year on the preparations. An enormous amount of work was involved but it was all worth the effort.
No less than 98 family members, friends and acquaintances all played a role as did a dance group from the Universal Gym fitness centre.

The musical was performed several times and with it, a dream came true for Johan the chance to combine his two passions, flowers and theatre, in one production.

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